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Made-to-Order | 25,000 unit minimum

Tins are an ideal packaging solution that are completely recyclable.

We offer several types of tins, such as Slide Tins and Hinged Tins (also Spring operated).

Sizes are customizable as well as the colors and/or artwork to match your brand. Different types of inserts are available to match your products – Child Resistant closures available.


  • Aluminum

Sizes Available

Custom Sizing available

  • 54mm x 83mm x 16mm
  • 72mm x 98mm x 13mm
  • 65mm x 100mm x 16mm
  • 51mm x 134mm x 18mm

CR Closures

Available with or without, depending on your needs.

Minimum Order Quantity

25,000 unit minimum


Customizable in colors, size and artwork

Let us know if you have specific needs, we will let you know if we can accommodate.

Lead Time

Production: 2/3 weeks

Air Shipping: 2 weeks

Sea Shipping: 8 weeks

Other Info

Available formats – Sliding Tins and Hinged Tins

Available Documents

  • Child Resistant
  • Food grade


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