About Us


Our History

Good 2 Grow was originally founded in Canada in 2016 and has been supplying hydroponic equipment to the North American market.

We now have a team of local, on the ground team of experts around the world ready to answer any questions, design your tailored solution and get your hydroponic grow operation up and running.


Our Promise

As the hydroponic industry continues to rapidly evolve our goal is to ‘grow with you’. We intend to do that by providing the highest quality equipment at a reasonable price, coupled with set-up advice and ongoing support to help enable your hydroponic operation be a success.

Our Passion

At Good 2 Grow we want to spread our passion of growing and horticultural equipment knowledge to our clients in order to help them achieve revolutionary yield rates coupled with low operating expenses. 

We strive to provide the highest quality & most affordable, customized solutions to commercial and residential growing operations. We believe that indoor agriculture is the future of farming. 

Providing reliable yet efficient equipment permits new age farmers to benefit from these changes to the industry. Because the indoor agricultural marketplace is a recent development, most agricultural equipment is overpriced for its value. 

At Good 2 Grow, we strive to provide unparalleled services at the lowest price point. Good 2 Grow aims to attract more farmers to the lucrative industry of indoor agriculture by lowering each individual’s startup costs.