Product Procurement Solutions

Can’t find a particular product? We have the right service for you.

We will source the grow product you need. 

Read below to understand our unique value proposition.


After you have submitted your product request, our team first review the request. We will proceed to diligently find exactly what you are looking for.

Commercial delivery


We will send you a sample so you can confirm the quality of the product. Once the sample is confirmed, we will proceed with the bulk order.


Before we ship any order, we toggle our in-house QAQC team. Our QAQC team will verify all goods before shipping, samples and your final order.


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Full Production Support

We will identify all components to optimize your system for your growing operations. We ensure the assembled product works successfully.

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Overseas Manufacturing

Our team finds manufacturers to suit your product needs. Our team compares different manufacturing advantages to find you the most reliable vendors.

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Compliance Certifications

Our products are certified for use in Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand. All stainless steel products meet Canadian GMP guidelines.

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Amazingly responsive

Our drafting & design team are extremely responsive. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our clients are priority number one.

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Competitive Pricing

We will supply the lowest prices possible. Have a quote from a local manufacturer you want matched? No problem, we will match it and provide a discount.


Constant Management

Our Quality Assurance Quality Control (QAQC) team verifies all products twice, through extensive testing, before being sent to you.

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