G2G Trim Tray

G2G Trim Tray

Quick Overview

The G2G Trim Tray allows craft growers to minimize losses during the trimming process. Good 2 Grow Trim Trays come equipped with three nesting trays. The first tray is fitted with a 1/4” mesh screen. The second tray is fitted with a 200 micron screen. The final base tray accumulates all residual material. Each tray has handles, making separating each component simple and easy. Made with durable stainless steel, all Good 2 Grow Trim Trays are easy to clean. Stop using plastic trays and save all your material during the trimming process, start using Good 2 Grow’s Trim Tray!

Features & Benefits

– Multi-tier sifting capabilities
– Unparalleled material conservation
– Made of durable stainless steel
– Handles for easy removal of trays

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