G2G T5 Cloning Cart

G2G T5 Cloning Cart

Quick Overview

Good 2 Grow T5 Cloning Carts are the perfect solution for all your cloning or germination needs. Compliant with stringent Canadian guidelines, G2G Cloning Carts reduce floor space requirements by growing seedlings vertically. G2G Cloning Carts provide three levels of growth, with two high-grade stainless steel trays per level. Each tray can hold approximately 200 seedlings amounting to a total capacity of 1200 seedlings per cloning cart. Good 2 Grow uses state of the art LED or T5 fixtures increasing plant growth during the cloning stage. Good 2 Grow Cloning Carts are available in a variety of stainless steel grades and come equipped with T5 or LED fixtures, customizable to every growers’ needs

Features & Benefits

– Full stainless steel configuration for enhanced rust resistance
– Thermoplastic rubber caster wheels ensuring no marking
– Available in different grades of stainless steel
– Equipped with G2G T5 Fixtures

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