G2G Pre Rolled Cones

G2G Pre Rolled Cones

Quick Overview

Good 2 Grow’s Pre Rolled Cones are fully customizable providing a wide array of paper sizes and filter sizes. The available paper sizes range from 76mm to 160mm and come equipped with tailor-made filter thickness and length. Good 2 Grow’s provides an ultra thin paper thickness of only 13.5 grams per square meter. We provide two types of paper quality which include unbleached 100% wood pulp paper and organic hemp paper. Good 2 Grow is also able to customize watermarks along the paper and a logo ink print along the filter. Good 2 Grow is proud to announce that its papers pass stringent heavy metal testing. Order quantities available in 500 unit and 1000 unit packages.

Features & Benefits

– Paper size ranging from 76mm to 160mm
– Ultra thin paper 13.5 grams per square meter
– Paper quality: unbleached or organic hemp
– Additional customizations: paper watermarks
– Additional customizations: logo printing

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