G2G Pre-Roll Tins

G2G Pre-Roll Tins

Quick Overview

Good 2 Grow’s Single Drying Racks are designed to save space by providing customizable sizing based on client’s needs. These drying racks feature extruded angle ledge support which sustain heavy loads. All Good 2 Grow Drying Racks are manufactured with corrosion resistant stainless steel, maintaining long-term reliability and extending product life. G2G Drying Racks have a smooth finishing ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance. Its industrial grade casters guarantee the drying racks can move freely and easily. Equipped with brakes, each Good 2 Grow Drying Rack is easy and simple to secure in place.

Features & Benefits

– CR Compliant
– Aluminium Casing etc..
– Highly rust resistant
– Tin Base & Cover Material : SPTE
– Gasket Materials: Silicone

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