G2G Panda Film – Pro Gro

G2G Panda Film – Pro Gro

Quick Overview

G2G Panda Film provides every grower’s greenhouse or grow room with light uniformity and a reduction in hot spots. G2G’s black and white film has two surfaces to help increase or decrease light output. The white surface significantly increase light adding otherwise omitted light, by up to 93%, and the black surface stops light penetration with a thick, heavy-duty waterproof film. G2G Panda Film also reduces contaminant growth on floors and walls. With its easy to clean features, Good 2 Grow Panda Film comes in two different types and its sizing is customizable to meet client’s needs.

Features & Benefits

– Waterproof
– Withstands immense amounts of UV light
– 5 year lifespan
– Sizing is customized to satisfy customer’s needs

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