G2G Hanging Cart

G2G Hanging Cart

Quick Overview

The G2G Hanging Cart is the perfect solution for your dry trimming needs. All Good 2 Grow Hanging Carts are manufactured with the choice of several grades of corrosion resistant stainless steel, ensuring high product quality and product reliability. The G2G Hanging Cart comes equipped with three rows of seven tines each twenty-eight inches long, perfect for hang drying fourty-two plants. Each Good 2 Grow Hanging Cart has four industrial grade, TPR casters. Equipped with brakes, G2G Hanging Carts are easy to move and are simple to secure into place.

Features & Benefits

– Use up to 42 tines to meet your drying needs
– Tines are removable, so you can space out your plants however you want
– Ensuring high product quality and product reliability
– Equipped with industrial grade, TPR casters
– Available in different grades of stainless steel

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