G2G Flexible Ducting

G2G Flexible Ducting

Quick Overview

Good 2 Grow can supply you with the leading quality flexible ducting. When deciding on the ventilation in your hydroponic operation, the type of ducting you choose is essential. G2G flexible ducting has a black internal core to reduce light transfer from your room. Constructed to be tough and resistant to easy tearing and puncturing, G2G ducting has a smooth internal core to reduce air noise. Adding additional branches to your supply or extraction ducting is simple with the G2G Y-Connector. Connecting the flexible ducting to fans and spigots is simple with G2G Stainless Steel Clamps, they are designed to make every connection effortless and strong.

Features & Benefits

– Heavy duty material for air tight installation
– Designed and constructed for easy handling and install
– Multiple fittings to ensure proper functionality
– Available diameters: 4″ to 14″

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