G2G Ebb & Flow Tables

G2G Ebb & Flow Tables

Quick Overview

The G2G Ebb & Flow Rolling Table (also referred to as a rolling bench) is an easy to use, waterproof, hydroponic system which focuses on maximizing available grow area. Equipped with irrigation systems, G2G Ebb & Flow Tables can pump and drain water effectively. These rolling benches can be stacked side by side and by using a series of rollers, tables can be shifted left or right. As such ebb and flow tables only require 1 aisle for work, wasting no space. All of Good 2 Grow’s Ebb & Flow Tables are custom made to ensure that every customer’s needs are met. These rolling benches are available in custom lengths based on three widths; 1.22m, 1.52m or 1.7m.

Features & Benefits

– Available in 1.22m, 1.52m and 1.7m widths
– Customizable lengths to maximize grow space
– Metal brackets to securely fasten tables to concrete
– All parts pre-drilled, pre-cut, pre-punched; easy to assemble

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