G2G Ebb & Flow Bucket Systems

G2G Ebb & Flow Bucket Systems

Quick Overview

The G2G Ebb & Flow Bucket System is among the most affordable self-watering hydroponic systems on the market, with an emphasis placed on reliability and crop safety. This hydroponic system allows for controlled timing of flood and drain cycles, is simple to use, and is ready to help indoor growers see exceptional growth and yield from their plants. The G2G Ebb & Flow Bucket System is designed to operate on a reliable and effective fixed flood/drain cycle. However, with the integration of float switches, the G2G Ebb and Flow Bucket System has contingencies against blockages and power outages.

Features & Benefits

– Multi-bucket system that is modularly expandable
– Simple and easy to use
– Digital controller, accurately set flood and drain periods
– Kits available between 6-48 buckets

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