G2G Blue Pellet 315W SE Fixture

G2G Blue Pellet 315W SE Fixture

Quick Overview

The G2G Blue Pellet, 315W SE fixture, is the perfect solution for growers requiring a flexible, affordable solution. The G2G Blue Pellet is a sophisticated grow light system designed to optimize vegetative growth. This fixture come with an adjustable reflector option, in order to optimize beam angles for increased vegetative growth. The well constructed, built-in digital ballast ensures high energy efficiency and low temperature output. Because of the low heat output, both fixtures are great for usages in small spaces such as closets, spare rooms, or tents. The Blue Pellet is the perfect solution for vegetative growth of your plants.

Features & Benefits

– Large one-piece fixture
– All-in-one lighting systems
– Suitable for vegetative stage
– High efficiency electronic ballast

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