G2G 50L Coco Coir Bag

G2G 50L Coco Coir Bag

Quick Overview

Coco Coir is produced by mixing fibrous material of the coconut, specifically, from the outer coconut husk and and the inner coconut husk. In comparison to other soil substrates, Coco Coir promotes higher root growth, greater aeration and better drainage. Good 2 Grow’s Coco Coir has high water retention capacity, produces high electrical conductivity levels and provides growers with plant-friednly pH levels. Good 2 Grow Coco Coir has a wide variety of nutrients including potassium, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, and calcium, which makes it ideal for any hydroponic setup. G2G Coco Coir also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria which helps minimize the production of harmful contaminants and fungi. Available in both dehydrated bricks and 50L hydrated bags.

Features & Benefits

– High root growth and electrical conductivity
– Beneficial bacterias
– Releases nutrients over a prolonged period of time
– Excellent water retention capacity and drainage

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