G2G 1m Rockwool Slab

G2G 1m Rockwool Slab

Quick Overview

The G2G Rockwool 1M Slab is an end of process rockwool solution able to support the heavy weight of fully mature vegetables, fruits and flowers. The G2G Rockwool slab is manufactured to provide optimal sizing for any ebb and flow rolling table. Client’s can also customize slab cutouts to meet the exact dimensions of the rockwool blocks they have used in the previous growing process — perfect for simple transplants of the G2G Rockwool 6” Cube or the G2G Rockwool 4” Block.

Features & Benefits

– Premade cuttings for simple transplants
– Can hold multiple G2G Rockwool blocks
– Exceptional capillarity
– Optimized fiber composition to increase root growth

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