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Quick Overview

The PreRoll-Er is a fully automated rolling machine for cannabis pre-rolled cones or
cannabis pre-rolled cigarettes. The PreRoll-Er has been tested with over 40 different Cannabis cultivars. With data on over 40 units sold, the PreRoll-Er can consistently produces up to 1 300 pre-rolls per hour. The PreRoll-Er follows Health Canada guidelines for check weights of pre-rolls. The system can measure weight up to a tolerance of 0.01g and checks/validates weight before and after filling. The PreRoll-Er does not use a vibrating conveyor system which protects Cannabis Trichomes. When buying the PreRoll-er,
you will also have access to onsite technical support.

Features & Benefits

– Over 40 PreRoll-Er’s sold (references available)
– Exit check weighing with rejection station
– Production of up to 1,300 cones/hr
– Replace 12-16 persons per shift
– 46 months of R&D, third generation
– Weight accuracy of 0.01g
– Low rejection rate / no loss of Cannabis
– Modular design – add other packaging modules
– Produce pre-rolls of 0.25 to 2.2g (pre-set adjustments)
– Adaptable to conical or cylindrical formats
– Pre-rolls consistent in shape and THC content
– High quality flat top or twist
– Auto-cleaning Feature
– Storage of production data (local and cloud based) –
-Integrated remote access
– 100% Built in North America

Good 2 Grow is now offering Lease-to-Own option for the PreRoll-Er!
Contact us to see if you are eligible.

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